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Do many of you have a Tello along with a larger drone?


Sep 22, 2018
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I wouldn't mind having something to connect with and just fly. Instead of connecting extenders. It would be fun inside too.
No larger drone here.....and the larger one won’t be much bigger than the Tello lol (spark)

I use a Syma x21w as my nite/house flyer. I also have a Tello specially for indoor use also.

love dji drones phantom 2 plus ( sold ) phantom3 advance (sold ) p4 never going to sell tello and a spark next is the mavic 2 zoom never had a prob with any of them we pay more in australia for them but its worth it LOVE THE FORUMS
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I fly Parrot Bebop 2s and an old DJI 450. The Parrots are great drones. They are an inexpensive way to have a drone that can fly autonomous way point routes as well as fpv.
bought the Tello just for its fun factor.
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I had a CX 20 which crashed a parrot at drone lost signal and fell to pieces. 2 parrot bebop 2 one fell out of the sky from 127 feet got a refurbished one and then a Tello which I fly very often. When I con I fly anything I can.
i have a mavic air, tello and several china toy drones.
I nlove them all, every drone for its special purpose.

The mavic air is only for outdoors recording cinematics and aerials.
Tello is for flights in my garden - with my kobwa wifi extender i do "patrol flights" around my property :)
and the china drone - it has no hight assistance nor cam and is very agile - i fly for fun! It has a very high range.
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As well as my tello (with extender and gamevice controller) I have a Mavic Air which is s great drone. They each have their own flight characteristics and of course the Air is used for great outdoor shots etc.

Yes, I flying the Tello only for fun purpose, not to take video or photo.

Hubsan H501S: Was my first drone to get practise.
Yuneec Q500 4K: Was a long time my main drone to get nice footage.
DJI Mavic Pro: Is my new main drone to get 4K footage.
DJI Spark: My newest drone I own to get nice footage in full HD and flying for fun in sport mode.

I love all my drones and I will never sell them. :p
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hi there
my first ever drone was a syma nano x12s . after 7 flights one motor burnt.
i have three quads now. wltoys q393(after about 3 hours of flight i need to replace one motor)
syma x22 nano drone which i fly once a day.
and little tello. which my only concern is about its brushed motors. i wish it was brushless.
i'm also in love with dji spark and dji mavic air. soon i will buy them. but right now their so expensive in iran because of bad economic and usa cruel sanctions. :(
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Anyone tried the Zerotech Dobby?
Very short flight times advertised and even that is overrated. Standard battery is like 6 minutes, extended 7-8 minutes. Low range but extender works well. Software is a disaster, the FPV stream quality a bad joke.
It has a decent camera though, so if you want a pure selfie drone its a good choice. Get up, take picture, land. Just don't expect that flying Dobby will be fun, or even last long enough to be enjoyed.

I have a Bebop 2 which is fun for outdoor long distance FPV like chasing sailboats out at sea, good for strong winds and very easy to fly. My biggest complain (very special to my needs): Bebop doesn't take off until GPS has stabilized, so you can't take off of a moving object such as a sailboat underway.

Tello is more fun in the backyard and inside, of course.
I have a Tello, Mavic Pro and Spark. I value the Tello just as much as the other two. That tells you the importance of the Tello to my little triad of drones. The Tello is always ready, easy to launch, very handy and capable (with no wind). Really enjoy that Tello.
Yeah have several.
The only other RTF drone I have is a hubsan h501s. First one I bought ever and it was great fun. Camera sucks but it has gps and follow mode and is as easy to fly as the tello basically although the range is much larger. Still thinking to replace the camera but never got around to it.

Otherwise build 5 racers by now and had some fun flying with them.
I have a bit Lego complex with those though. The building is more fun to me than the actual racing or acro.

As a result many are by now 'upgraded' beyond what racers would seem useful or desirable with GPS, LEDs, additional cameras, etc. Trying out different flight controllers and software, just to get an idea of what you can do as an amateur drone builder.
Most of them are in parked on my workbench semi permanently.

So back to the beginning as by now I'd like to explore aerial photography a bit further.
Plan is to buy a new mavick pro but need to convince the wife still and safe up the cash.
To entertain her a bit, I bought the tello and so far we both love it. Joining on our next holiday trip to Greece.

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