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[Download] Official Ryze Tello EDU Mission Pads


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Dec 11, 2018
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In the changelog for the most recent firmware version for the regular Tello Ryze Robotics said mission pads are now supported. The changed Tello State string confirms that. However, the new feature doesn't work yet but in case it does in the future and because you can't buy or even download the mission pads from Ryze (yet) and because you get four double-sided mission pads with a Tello EDU I scanned all eight sides of these pads and created a PDF you can download and print.

Regular Tello users can test these mission pads and Tello EDU users now can use all eight mission pads.

The size of a mission pad is: 194,5 mm x 194,5 mm x 1,5 mm (‪7,65748‬ Inch x ‪7,65748‬ Inch x ‪0,059055‬ Inch) so my PDF should be printed on DIN A4 or Letter and they come out in 1:1 scale.

Mission Pads (DIN A4): PDF
Mission Pads (Letter): PDF

I recreated mission pad 1 with just the necessary information (the colored "planets") and tried to get it working with a white background (so you save a lot of ink). The original (black background & correctly colored planets) does work perfectly. A white background with correctly colored planets does not work. A white background with black planets does not work. And finally the original with inverted colors also does not work. I guess the background has to be black. Sorry. Maybe someone with more knowledge about pattern recognition can point me to how to get this working with a white background.

Note: Even though the paper gets wavy Ink Jet works better because the paper and the print are not glossy. I tried it with a color laser jet and because light is reflected the Tello can't recognize the pad as perfect as an original mission pad.


  • Mission Pads A4.pdf
    8 MB · Views: 601
  • Mission Pads Letter.pdf
    8 MB · Views: 398


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May 20, 2020
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Has any regular Tello users had any luck with using mission pads? Is there anything special that needs to be done?

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