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"error Not Joystick" from Tello API


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Dec 24, 2018
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I've been playing around with the Tello API, based on the official Ryze documentation and implemented by the python library microlinux/tello.
I record the Tello responses after I send it Control commands.
The documentation specifies only "OK" or "error" as possible responses.
I sent a flip forward command ("flip f" ), and got as response "error Not joystick", although the flip was executed.
Has anyone ever noticed this error message?
Does anyone know where it comes from and how to avoid it?

Thanks, Luca
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That's right, thank you!

I found that someone else built another library (DJITelloPy) that supports sending commands either one-way (without waiting for response) or two-way (waiting for response). I still haven't tested it, but had a good look at the code, and it seems well written.
The previous command was not completed.

+ delay or wait for “ok”
As you say the"error Not Joystick" can be solved adding more delay at the previous actions and something similar happens with the function "curve" but the error in this one is "error radius is too large" but the solution can be the same or changing the radius values
Is there any way to avoid using so long delays to avoid the error? If I control the dron with python or other tool that supports the sdk to do some basic movements for example left 50 to right 50 in the drone i need to add delay of about 7 seconds between command but if I use the tello app it doesn´t take too much time to execute those basic movements so it seems delay is not added in the case of the app, what is different between the app and the way to control for example with Python?

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