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Firmware is out!!


Mar 6, 2018
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The new firmware is available for download. It seems to have fixed the choppy video issue (as long as your connection is strong). I don’t know if that’s because the Wi-Fi connection seems, or is, better. I can’t comment on if the coding issue has been fixed yet, as I have not tried it. The drone seems more responsive to controls now as well (I’m snot using a controller yet).
It would be great if the app can remember my photo quality and video but rate settings. It remembers your metric/imperial option but not photo/video options. I’m sure that will be fixed in a future firmware update.
This is a great little drone for the price!
I don't know about you, but since I got my firmware update my videos are more stable, smoother. I'm beginning to see my Tello as a mini-Mavic, so controllable and responsive but on a small scale.
Upgrade didn't help me at all :rolleyes: Must be an Android thing. I thought a Galaxy Tab s-2 would work but it doesn't so I'm stuck with my S7 edge & just have to live with the choppy video.
Still using my Moto X 1st gen, (2013) , works great, still holds an all day charge
I did notice later that none of my pic/vid files have the gray bars anymore so that is a plus. Could be an android thing though.

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