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Flight time with Mobius Mini?


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Jan 7, 2019
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Hello all!

Just got my Tello for Christmas. Already got the GameSir T1d controller and the Xiaomi repeater as well as 3 extra batteries. Everything works great! I am looking to upgrade my recordable video / pictures though. The best option I can seem to find for 1080p is mounting the Mobius Mini (weighing in at only 27g). The Firefly Micro footage doesn't seem to look that great in comparison. I'm also currently leaning towards the Mobius for it's electronic image stabilization.

I do like what I've seen from the RunCam Split Mini 2, but I'm worried that by the time I attach a battery as well, I'll be up to the same weight as the Mobius if not more. Not to mention I don't know what battery to select or how I should wire everything up. I'm not really interested in wiring a secondary camera straight into the Tello.

Does anyone have a clue how much flight time i can expect with just the Mobius Mini (rubber band mounted)? I already fly with my prop guards off when outside and I'm definitely getting near the 13 min. advertised flight time.

If you have any better suggestions for 1080p recording I'm open to them. Looking to keep cost somewhat down though, otherwise I would have bought a Spark!

Note: FPV is a plus, but not required. I can control the drone perfectly fine as is since I got the range extender. In fact, if I want to fly FPV I'll probably just use the built-in camera for that.
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