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Flying Tello at 20kph wind at Night - Bad idea!


Sep 21, 2018
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Hello tello users,

Just to share my experience of flying the tello at this weather conditions. "It is not advisable to fly"

Tello could not manage the speed of the wind and stay on its position.

Luckily it crashed on my neighbors roof and fall at 10ft.

Tello has a fail safe system that automatically shuts off if crash.

Tello is still in good condition.
High Wind+Nite Flying= ur result with the Tello
The rare times I take a nite flight, i don’t take it higher than 8 or 9 ft. Doing this the VPS *might* see something (there is a streetlight in the vicinity). If u add wind and height to the equation bad things may happen. Glad yours is safe. I broke number 2 a few days ago from a fall from a similar height. Motor popped right off.

Due to its present design we really shouldn’t be flying at nite......over water.....beyond 10m......in wind......in the cold.....in extreme heat.....in NFZ’s......on your birthday......during a lunar eclipse......etc but what’s the fun in following the manufacturers suggestion ??? #the100dollarpaperweightTHATWASNT

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Yes,we really tend to break the rules just to have fun. hahaha

Luckily i didn't detach the prop guards, if i did it would possibly get worst.

I'm planning to attach a small battery operated blinker underneath to make it visible.
I have a SYMA x21w I fly at nite. Come to think about it I don’t think I’ve ever flown it the day.....don’t even know what the cam is like on it ?. It’s a good nite flyer with bright leds to aid in orientation. Batteries are cheap too. I had to get something to fill the crave during the nite hours lol

? syma quadcopter are great for practice.
However built in camera doesn't produce good quality videos or photos. Maybe for some high end models.
My friend got a syma and attach a go pro camera. Luckily no crash was made.:D
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