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FPV Goggles?

I just flew my Tello with the DJI Goggles. I hooked up the goggles thru an adaptor to my iPhone 7+ and then used my controller watching thru the goggles instead of the phone. No additional controls like with the Mavic but still a great view. It can’t help with flips or other preset controls but it is cool seeing the view in the goggles.
Can you post a picture of the adapter and where did you get it? Thanks in advance Keith
Hope I'm doing this correctly. I just posted the same message in the Intro area but since my concern is getting the VR goggles to work, I am posting here also.

My main interest is photography. For that I use a P3P or a Mavic Pro. I use the Tello to improve my flying skills.

I am flying my Tello with the Gamesir T1d with a BT connection to a Samsung S6. I would like to add VR goggles. I’m trying to get the Appologics DroneVR app to work with my set up. This app requires me to map the controller keys/toggles to it. However, I don’t see a way to view both the controller screen and the DroneVR app at the same time. In fact, I have been unable to get the Tello app and the VR app running at the same time.

Does anyone have this combination working? If so, what was the procedure you used?
I just bought this adapter cable to go to my iPhone to my goggles. I get a notice come up on my phone that says the device connected draws to much power.
I can’t get them to work

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