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Full Tello Package. 15 minutes in. the air


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Feb 10, 2020
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Tello Drone Full Package - Four Fullymax Batteries, Hard/Soft sided Case, Charger, Gamesir T1d controller, Two MiFi Plus WiFi Extenders, and a VAAS 5000Ma Power Pack. Extra New Parts : Extra motors (8), prop guards (4), and Tello branded props. Extra Tello "Cap". In fact, I opened and used the Tello in the yard, so I have to report it as "Used". However, after less than fifteen minutes in the air, IS FLAWLESS . I bought all the extras I could for this little gem,. But it turns out, I'm just not a Drone Guy. , extra motors, extra props and prop guards. A different "skeleton" clear cap. Probably $275 plus in total purchases ....I have it on EBay "BuyIt Now for $185. But a Forum Member can have it for $150 Paypal'ed, and I'll ship it the next day in the U.S. for free. No risk. I'm an old guy (grandpa of seven...you can check me out on Facebook if you want. Bill Keener) and have sold stuff with real prices on EBay and locally, so you can check me out. Lots of flakes out there. DSC01064.JPG DSC01071.JPG
Check my EBay 100% perfect feedback since 1999. Shipped Free with USPS Priority Mail. U.S. only, please. If you want more pictures, message me here and I'll send them to your email address. This Tello isn't going to get used by me, so someone should enjoy it. Thanks.

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