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Game controller Gamesir T1s setup Method 1 vs Method 2

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Hi All!

I could successfully setup a Gamesir T1s with a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 using Method 1 from Gamesir T1s setup. Even video looks fairly OK, but I have not tested much further.

But I am having issues with my Motorola Moto G3. First of all, setup only works with Method 2. In "Bluetooth Controller Settings" two devices appeared: "Gamesir-T1s" and "Gamesir-T1GCM". The first one is "Connected", the second "Disconnected". I hav to tap on the second device entry to make the onscreen controller disappear and getting a working Gamesir T1s. With that setting, video is nearly impossible and once even the BT connection broke down.

Can someone explain the difference between setup Method 1 and 2?

The Galaxy Tab S2 is a bit more recent than the Moto G3, but both support BTLE. However BT4.1 vs BT4.0, but I am not into the details what the differences are. Maybe the S2 supports a BT mode that is less of a burden on the Wifi connection to the Tello.

BTW, the Tello does not have support for 5Ghz Wifi, right? Otherwise that could have been a reason why the Galaxy Tab S2 works better.

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