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Had fun in different localities.


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Apr 13, 2018
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I was out trucking to Salt Lake and flew the Tello a few times in different localities.
I could only fly on the way back which was in Sand sprgs OK, but wind pretty much killed the fun.
Then I flew it in Cuba MO and did well but found out that flying on the Tello's outer limits in a breeze will lose you your machine easily because the wind snaps it up in a split second and you can't really tell which way she's going anymore. Any mistake directionally and it could be toast or gone.
I was lucky to still be able to set it down right at the edge of a fence and thick growth stretching out from there as it was glitchy and in and out with WiFi.
It was ranging at about 500 ft.
Walked over lifted off again and flew it back without incident.
Then I tried it in MI at Capac and it did good there too, flew in the truck stop parking lot there but am finding out that even a slight breeze makes for some interesting antics in controlling it.
It really is an arena or gym flyer as I see it.
I'm home now and might get a chance to do some video editing if time allows.
Lots of fun though. TJ.
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Yes I found that out.
And I also found out that I didn't press record in V mode, but did in picture mode.
I did however get a short video in at the last stop.
Sofar the video in re-play is skipping badly and I remember that it was smooth in real time.
I need to experiment with settings to see if I can do better.

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