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Hello from the Netherlands! :-)


Jun 19, 2018
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A mere three days after Father's Day, where my kids got me a Tello drone, I succeeded in getting it programmed with Python 3, and am now exploring the SDK for accuracy and completeness. Software Test Engineer by profession, and IT and Life enthusiast by nature, I seem to have found myself a new hobby...

Future plans with my Python 3 programming will be to put it on Github, and extend the program with timings so as to be able to chain the commands together without too much unnecessary delays.

Typically, a flight plan for the program would now be represented with a string like: "takeoff|flip f|flip b|flip l|flip r|land|quit". Graphical user interface will come later...
Welcome to our newest forum .Hope you find all the resources you seek and look forward
to any photos or videos you might post .
Any issues just ask.
Enjoy (y)
Thanks for the warm welcome, and the more extensive manual. :)
Meanwhile I just finished putting my first programming experiment up on Github: Moorelife/DroneSources
It shows how delays between commands can sometimes mess up, and will be extended into a class that automatically adds relevant waiting periods between the various commands.
Hi Moorelife, thank you for sharing!! I hope to make time to use/test your code, I simply love the Idea of controlling the drone via code. I read your code it is clean, precise and clear. I just got the drone from mediamarkt in eindhoven, and for now my son would not let me near it!!
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I will indeed add to it soon, but there is a lot of experimenting involved: I aim to make the commands such, that they add proper delays before returning, so the flight plan splitter does not need to add delays itself. But any command has a fixed and a dynamic delay, and determining those values requires experimentation.
Hmm, it seems I misread your initial comment tutemma. Of course you are more than welcome to use and abuse the project however you see fit. I did fortunately already tell you where I wish it to go, in the previous post: thinking of adding a class wrapper around the original Tello API, that will add proper waiting periods based on what command is sent. Also I have already found another interface that also allows for access to the video stream. Will also be investigating that...

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