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I recovered my Tello after one month on a tree


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Sep 6, 2022
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It survived one month in 25m (Tellofpv says 10m but I started from a roof) height, in rain, wind and thunder. It came down today and still works, i get some strange artifacts in video mode (could be Tellofpv, my repeater or my drone that got wet multiple times up there) but everything still works.

Amazing drone 10/10


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I was flying my tello drone a few days ago (which I shouldn't have because it was really windy) and I flew it around 8-10m in the air when a strong gush of wind came along and swept my drone away from me. I frantically pressed the land button and tried to bring it towards me (even on fast mode!), I was running as fast as I could, worried I would lose it, but it kept getting further and further until it got stuck in one of the trees. Luckily, I brought a football, so I tried to boot it up the tree to get it down. But it didn't work. And it's probably still there, almost 5 days later. I didn't even see what tree it flew into, but I did find one of the propellers on the grass. I hope I find it soon...

Message to anyone who read this: DON'T FLY TELLO ON WINDY DAYS OR NEAR TREES
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Very good news that you find the drone!! These Tellos are extremely great product, I hope it gets its own place even after centuries has past in the History of Drones.

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