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is tello good for begginers in drones


Jul 31, 2018
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i want to buy tello and i need your help! first of all i want to take pictures and i see that it can take good shots...second maybe some videos! do you have to recommend any other drone in this price with this specs?
thank you for your reply! yes i search and i can't found something near it!!! many drone's less than 100$ have bad camer or no good flight mode!! i think its time to buy tello :)
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The Tello has a 5MP camera, pretty good one. However you need to keep in mind that because the Tello doesn't use an SD card to store the photos/videos, it's dependent on your phone for storage and, in the case of videos, also dependent on a good connection between your phone and the drone. That means if Tello is recording video and there are glitches in the video feed, those glitches will be recorded as well.
That being said, I view the phone storage thing as an advantage - it's one less step you have to go through to view your photos. Plus if you use Google Photos you can have the Tello folders synced and voilá, they'll be backed up in Google Photos as well.

As for the beginner drone question:
(y) the fact that it uses IR cameras to calculate its position it means it's super stable. Very good for someone that needs to think like 5secs before giving a command (like me haha)
(y) the app has cool features that are super fun, such as the 8D flips and the record video as it's backing away from you
(n)screen buttons can be non-intuitive at times, would prefer to use a physical controller
(n)when flying indoors, the collision detection feature - it shuts down when colliding with obstacles - can be very unforgiving for someone who's learning and will potentially bump into walls very often.

Overall, I'm very happy with my Tello, I recommend it ;)
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thank you very much for your reply i think i will be ok with tello!! i mean for my purpose (some aerial photos and videos) its what i want!
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I was on my search for a small "disposable" drone for vacations for ages. Something light, with good camera, nobody would mind in a park, city, near a monument perhaps, and mostly something that customs or airport security ignores completly.
Since I bought tello my search stopped since, and I stopped buying & trying small toy drones, or sticking a mobius camera on everything. The only one mistake I made since was the Xiaomi Mitu. Poor battery life, pictures small res and noticable jello efect even with no bend props and shafts in no wind, and video is useless too, so the included 4GB space is a waste in my opinion.
Viva la Tello
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