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Light mod


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Sep 17, 2018
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Melbourne, Australia
Just stuffing around with some ideas for lighting up the tello. I think the focus needs to be twofold. Lights for the front facing camera and lights for the sensors on the underside.

Got some led boards and just hacked up and quick rig to test a few ideas. The power of the leds isn’t very strong at the moment as I’m driving them with some small coin cell batts, they don’t have the balls to drive the leds to full brightness but have the weight to see how it impacts handling and flight time.


Will work further on this to up the brightness and hopefully record some video in low light conditions.

I’ve got to find a good light power source, the led boards need a good 5v to really light up and they’re wired in parallel so they drain a bit of current.

If anyone has any ideas for a power source it would be appreciated!

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I would use two of 10180 Li-ion rechargeable cells. Each of them is 3,7V, so it will have enought power and weight about 7g each.
Thanks for that information stewe12, didn't know they existed.

They are quite small, the cylinder shape could be bit of an issue but I could mount one on each side of the tello for balance. They would sit closer to the CG line through the chassis too.

My current test setup is a bit crap, with the test cells underneath they are too tall compared to the landing pads, causing the tello to tilt when landing.

I was thinking a lipo like this might work.


I can rip of the batt protection cct that is there and run two of these 2S, 7.4V 70mAh setup. The leds I'm using have a DC-DC led driver on the pcb so I don't need to worry about regulating the current draw.


If you want to go with RC batteries, I would go with 2S from the start.

For example this one: Hobbyking 300mah 2S Li-Po

It is about 17grams, so you should be able to make the whole addon under 30g, which is about as much load as you want to put on the Tello. The other thing is how much curren the LED can draw. My CREE LED flashlight can suck 2500mAh in about 50 minute, so your 4 quite powerful LED can last only a few minutes with this battery pack.
I finally got my lipos in the mail after a million years... I'm using two 70mAh lipos in series to provide power to the leds.

They light up the area well but they are not strong enough for the VPS to work, the tello app says VPS is off due to bugger all light.



Here's the view from 1m above ground.

Took a video with by gopro, it doesn't work the best in zero light conditions but I'm editing and will u/l shortly.
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I'm not a fan of the night flight, but I'm afraid that now the tello has big problems in cooling ... the finned part is hampered by the velcro!
[QUOTE = "ph2t, post: 10868, membro: 3154"]
Apenas recheando algumas idéias para iluminar o telão. Eu acho que o foco precisa ser duplo. Luzes para a câmera frontal e luzes para os sensores na parte inferior.

Consegui algumas placas de led e apenas hackeei e equipamento rápido para testar algumas idéias. O poder dos leds não é muito forte no momento, pois eu os estou dirigindo com algumas pequenas baterias de célula tipo moeda, elas não têm as bolas para conduzir os leds ao brilho total, mas têm o peso para ver como isso afeta o manuseio. e tempo de vôo.

View attachment 1848
View attachment 1849

Irá trabalhar mais nisso para aumentar o brilho e, esperançosamente, gravar alguns vídeos em condições de pouca luz.

Preciso encontrar uma boa fonte de energia, as placas de led precisam de um bom 5v para realmente acender e elas são conectadas em paralelo para drenar um pouco de corrente.

Se alguém tiver alguma idéia para uma fonte de energia, isso seria apreciado!


Bravissimo ragazzo! otima idéia, lo farò anche nel mio DJITello. Grazie

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