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Motor fail mid flight


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Jul 28, 2018
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Ok, second motor that failed for me in 4 days. This time I was recording, lucky me it did not land in water. Fun fact, though it spun like insane I did not have frame drops :)
wow, that video is incredible!!! also the quality. So it "hovered" about the ground while spinning? and than landed or?
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wow, that video is incredible!!! also the quality. So it "hovered" about the ground while spinning? and than landed or?
I tried landing command but it did not respond. I could force it down and move it sideways somewhat. But hovered it did!! Had to force the crash into the sand bank :)
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How long do you have this tello?
Did you fly it allot.?
I am trying to think what caused the motors fault.
brushed motor do not ladys as brushledd but....come on....Tx
Little over one week. Over 20 flights I would guess. I have 2 batteries and usually fly both of them dry. Sad thing is that I had motor problems after like 10 flights. But I have been pushing it after that :). Not crashed hard or anything. Just ordered 4 new motors.
I hope it is not a defect caused by
Low quality brush motors.
Lets realy watch this subject.
i would love to get a brusshles motors and internal memory card for video and pics
and pay 30 $ more for that.

Hope the curent motors would not Fail more.
Reliability of this small bird is Critical
Opened up the failed motor tonight, there was almost no more brush left. Thats why it died.
Did you happen to take off from that beach?... My bet is you got sand in the motor?...
Tx for the info
That What i was upset from!
I was reading and as i know Life time of brush motors is not as long
I think DJI has done a big mestake here Big time!
As peoples will fly ..allot of Tello birds will start crashing to the ground with Fault motors ..and that the END for the current tello
Till they will move to brushlles motors.

As flying from "clear " take off places were no sand ...could help
But i do not think thats the case.

I hope i am wrong!

I had lot of brushed and never had wear issues, only broken brushes, mostly when flying and crashing with hot motors caused that, this is not unique to tello. Best practice , let it cool down between batteries.

But I am happy they went with brushed :
1) keeps the cost down
2) keeps the NOISE down
3) keeps the weight down while maintain decent battery time

as for the maintenance I am aware that for somebody new in the hobby can be buzkiller just the thought of replacing the motors.
As of now I only fly the Tello when I want to take some pics or trying the video, when flying for fun I abuse my other quads without attiude, VPS, feels more alive.
I wish you are right Lieronet
I got already a 4 set spare motors.
Hot motor do tend to have magnets glue problems loosing out.
I hope it will not happens to me but if so...
To get the small bird back safe to ground to be able replace a motor with no damage to the bird frame.
Time will tell
A bad motor is a simple replacement... check out the following video... Whith this it only took me 20 minutes to replace (if you don’t count the 2 weeks waiting for the eNay motors to arrive)

Tx for the info
As i wrote
As motor fail ..i hope the bird will get down safe.
Replacing a motor is ...;)

I do control system and electronics / Mechanics/Optics
From 18 years old as a hobbies and mostly high tech for living.(y)
I was building my personal quad copters 10 years ego and RC planes with cameras on board 15 years ego .:D

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Tx for the info

I was building my personal quad copters 10 years ego and RC planes with cameras on board 15 years ego .:D

Yay! I did about 4 depron planes, and convert some wooden frames my father did earlier to RC. I always poked around rc stuff but never regulary :( after 3 quad builds, which only one was successful I opted back to buy quads, and rc car kits. And probably I will go back to my planes and update them with FPV gear, as nobody fears the planes, only drones are evil :D
But I am very curious about the next Ryze attempt. If the Tello was just the first bird in the series, or just a hype to kick their STEM program into the schools and thats where they get their money back.

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