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new pilot, couple questions.


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Jan 3, 2019
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wisconsin, usa
hello, new pilot here. i really like this unit, it's compact and has a camera, works great with my phone (s8+)

q1: i see controllers that are bluetooth, the TD1 on tello's/dji's website for example. is the bluetooth to the phone only, then the phone still uses wifi to connect to the tello?
q2: are the batteries that come with it the longest lasting batteries? 1100mAh. and i see i can order more of them on their website/store.
q3: regarding batteries, yikes they are LiPO, do i need to have one of those storage bags to be safe, or is leaving the battery in the drone OK i'm hoping they are better now than years ago! i basically just leave it in my drone and plugin to a usb charging port to charge it.

q1. Correct. You can also get controllers that can connect to your phone by cord so that you don't get bluetooth lag to the controller.
q2. I don't know if there are longer lasting ones, haven't heard of any. ALso, you might want to get a charger that will charge multiple batteries at once.
q3. I've only had my Tello for about a week but I'm not taking any special precautions with the batteries. Nor have I heard of any hazards with the batteries.

1. Yes
2. No
3. No. You can leave them inside the Tello and charge normally.
thanks mike. ok so i'm going to order the apple ipad compatible split controller. it's $99 but it connects to the ipad via a lightning plug! plus i think i'm going to enjoy the larger screen!

i looked at the charger, i may just have to do that and get a 2nd battery. but 10mins is a long time for a 300ft range :)

i remember when the lipo's first came out for r/c trucks and cars. they were scary back then! although i suppose a lot of people didn't use correct chargers and such. i remember laughing at a friend of mine who had to put his in one of those bags to charge it! i said dude, kiss your new house goodbye! either way. all good now.

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