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New props = uncontrollable ascent to max alt.!

The little tiny hole on the bottom of the Tello (between the visual positioning sensors) is for the barometric pressure sensor to operate properly.

I cannot find, above this^^ post, where anybody asked about what your are describing here. I expressed curiosity about a specific, and unique hole, which is very uniform, in the bottom of a Tello, and I posted a photo with a red arrow pointing at it. Can you tell me how yours is a relevant reply?

And if I pretend it is relevant , and read through to the end, I cannot follow what you are describing. The VPS is 3 round sensors in a row. Is the hole you speak of between the port side sensor, and the center sensor of the VPS? Is the hole you are talking about, that "is between the VPS sensors," between the starboard side sensor, and the center sensor? I don't even see a hole that your're talking about. To me, it sounds like your are describing the recess where the VPS camera sits, in between the IR sensors. Maybe you have new Tello revision, where they ripped out the VPS camera and put a barometric altimeter there. Even though whatever on Earth you are talking about, has nothing to do with hole I referenced at the top of the thread, Im very curious now. Can you post some photos to clear all this up?

If it helps, this isn't forum focused on holes, nor a thread with holes as the primary subject, both of which would have to be true for me to consider your reply remotely relevant. I welcome your clarifications.
I said the only two sensors used *for VPS*. Maybe before accusing me of not knowing how to read, you should read my own comment first. I am well aware of how the sensor system works. I know how the gyroscope works, the barometer, two cameras (I never said there were other than two cameras), etc... I have a degree in telerobotics from a well known institution and I am continuing classes. There’s no need to be so rude and condescending... I’m not “peddling misinformation,” I think you’re paranoid or something. When I said my original statement, I was trying to tell people (who were focused on a “pinhole”-shaped opening under the drone) that it wasn’t a part of the VPS. Don’t be such a butt and don’t accuse me of giving out misinformation!
Look who the butt is here? Huh? I don’t give a rat a$$ about your degree. What you said was wrong and you stood wrong even when people pointed out you are wrong. In fact when people check your measly 7 messages in this forum so far, 5 out of them are completely false. You just look like some a$$ that is abusing an imaginary degree you believe you got.

You really have nothing positive to contribute to the forum. Also you ranted at some random guy before accusing him of shoving his app down the throat of everyone when you don’t even know who made the app. Try to be helpful and do some quality research to help people. Don’t just pull $hit outta your a$$. Or you can just piss off.
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Here is my video. Happy to answer any questions:

And here is the little misbehaver, and a shot of the 'reset,' hole on the bottom:
I am sorry but that is not a reset button. That is a screw hole, 1 of 3, that holds the heat sink to the mother board.

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