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One motor constantly rotating after changing motors


May 14, 2018
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Hello everyone,

Recently I crashed my Tello and as a result, all 4 motors came out. I tried refixing the motors, but to no help, as the motors were broken.

I got new motors and replaced them by following online tutorials. Now when I am turning on my tello, one motor starts rotating in a constant slow speed, the moment I power on. When I attempt to take off, other 3 motors start rotating fast, but this one keeps on rotating at a constant speed, even while other motors stop, this one continues to rotate. I tried running that motor seperately, and it runs just fine as others, only the problem is when I connect it to the drone, this problem happens.

Anyone faced the same issue? what could be the problem here?

Please help.
actually, according to my guess, the motor would not run at all until it gets power. And right now, one motor starts as soon as I power up the drone. Which should not be the case, when all other motors are not getting power, this one should get too.

I hope this is not a board fault.
Sounds to me as if that motor is getting power from somewhere on the main board. You didnt pinch the wires that it maybe is making contact where it shouldnt be ? If it was me, i would disconnect that motor again, and get a multimeter to check from the soldering on the board if there is any current there. That way you can work your way to the motor and try pin pointing the problem.
No. I have given it to a guy who repairs motherboards. Let's hope he finds something. How did it start happening in your case?
I replaced one motor following a online tutorial. The replaced motor is constantly turning even with the powe off just like yours. The other ones are good and do what they have to do
I tried switching motors as well. But same thing happens with a new motor too. Which proves there is no problem with motor.
You're right. I did the same. The motor is good. My motor, in the front right is acting strange. The one white a black and white wire. The same as yours?
I experienced the same strange behaviour - replaced motor was spinning even without switching on. Recalibration solved it for me
I experienced the same strange behaviour - replaced motor was spinning even without switching on. Recalibration solved it for me

Unfortunately does not work for me. Calibration must be done with a non-running engine. Motor continues to run constantly during the calibration. Thanks for contributing

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