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Personal distance record 644 metres using WIFI repeater

I just lifted controller up a little bit and the signal reestablished by itself. I also found that for the best signal it's better to keep the wifi antenna on an angle at around 30°- 35° towards you. Much better signal than keeping it straight vertically.
Amazing!.. i guess Tello other "limit" besides wifi range is battery life..
True. We got what we paid for))) Still very good little drone for it's price. I've got a Mini 2 recently but still going to keep Tello as I really like it. Good for flying indoors on a rainy day for example or in places where you don't want to attract to much of attention from other people. Here is the link to my channel where I've the video uploaded from Mini 2.
You are welcome to visit. https://youtube.com/channel/UCo60mRZVuEqt9Jb-i48TIrA
HI everyone. Here is the edited version of this flight's video which includes the auto landing on it's way home. Hope this video could be helpful for the community. Enjoy your flights!

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