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Playstation vita

I could be wrong, but I highly doubt it. The controls of the Vita are exclusive for the device. It does not connect to another device.
Hi everyone. Is there any progress with the PS Vita? It would be amazing to control this little fella with the PS Vita. Thanks.
It's definitely possible todo this with a VITA since homebrew is available for it, when youre on the correct firmware version of the Vita
Someone will probably have to develop a controller-app for it on the vita still. Which probably wont happen, ever
Hi SLANGza. Thanks for the reply. Too bad. It's a nice piece of electronics and almost made to control drones with the display and the controls.
There was PSPDrone app for PSP and Ardrone V1 and V2.
It should not be too hard to at least have basic fligh control for Tello.

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