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Plotting Ryze Tello Routes with CsvView


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Jul 19, 2018
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I'd like to share with you this videotutorial explaining how-to plot Tello routes:

You can easily get route plots like this:


As you know, Tello Ryze uses an amazing Visual Positioning System.


An onboard camera into the aircraft belly and a lot of artificial intelligence make possible this little miracle. Tello can locate itself over the ground. Its position, speed and rotation is continuosly recorded and can be used for plotting a detailed map of your entire flight route.


During flight data is stored into a LOG file inside your mobile phone. First step is copy this file to your Microsoft Windows Personal Computer. You must use an Android File explorer app. For Tello app you must search into this folder: \Android\data\com.ryzerobotics.tello\files\droneLog\. If you are using aTelloPilot third part app you must search here: \aTelloPilot\Log

NOTE: It seems DAT files generated by stock Tello app do not work for this method.

For LOG file reading you need excelent CsvView aplication from BudWalker. You can contact him at [email protected]. I used version 3.6.1. CsvView download page

IMPORTANT: You have to manually edit <installationroute>/CsvView/defs/datGenericPlayers.pml file this way:


More details here: Drone log

Remember activate the "Invalid DatHeader OK" CsvView menu option

You can enjoy tello route into GeoPlayer windows. Use 40, 100 and 200 meters rulers for range estimation.


If you want to plot Tello route over a real map an aditional step is needed. As Tello's route is not geoferenced it has to be done manually. First, capture an screenshot of your flight zone on Google Maps, draw a reference ruler 100 meters lenght. Next step involves your favorite drawing aplication. Copy and paste Tello's route over a new layer and resize it until both rulers: map ruler an route ruler match. Then, rotate an displace route to your takeoff point and done !


Many thanks to @BudWalker for his excellent work
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Great info. You mentioned needing a Windows-based computer. Anything available for Apple folks?
Hello! I lost a tello dron, you can help me with the flight plan, I tried but I did not, I've been looking for it for ten hours it's easier for me to find it with you. Thank you in advance!
With the next vGPS update of TelloFPV on this should simplify things or am I wrong?
Wow, im afraid it's a really HUGE file. I'll download it later at home.

Give me your email address to send them to you, I try to attach them here but it's not possible
Can you tell me how I attach your file here? It's loading again and then it's bugging me
Please, be patient, I will download it later from your Drive account. It's not possible for me download now a great file, it doesn't matter where you put the file ;)

I realized you edited your previous post, deleting your Google Drive adresses. You can send me it privately using "Conversation" feature into this forum (using envelope icon button).

Take into account your log file only will give you a rough flight direction relative to Tello's heading at takeoff. I'm not very optimistic.

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I'm passionate about Tello, just for your app!:LOL:
I hope to test this VGPS feature soon, but the time for days and days won't be nice to fly!:(

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