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Pycharm and detecting mission pads


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Feb 20, 2020
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I am trying to detect mission pads using my tello drone and im not sure what to import.

do i use
from djitellopy import Tello
from tello import *

and how do i then read the mission pad?
We do not use pycharm, so have no experience with it. however we do use the mission pads and any kinds of floor carpets to include the DJI flight carpet. These methods are very tricky to learn. Read every word of the DJI instructions for the pads. The method is simple, the implementation is not. The mission pads and the DJI system is based on the co-ordinate system of x and y. ( Some trigonometry of sin and co sin and the unit cycle may help understand. Teh center is 0, and location is the x, y axis distance to the next pad. The pads are nothing but a location marker on the floor ( # 1 to 8 ) ( 12 for carpet ). The best way to visualize this is with the Tello EDU app. Set up a program for two in a swarm, and click to the location help map, As you move around the graph, it will give you the x and Y numbers. ( x, y ) We have some videos on Youtube channel MECATX, that may help. Also, you can email me at [email protected] We have found the best software for complex Tello/Robomaster TT functions is Mind+ I hope this helps some.

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