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Reliability running Python


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Jul 19, 2018
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Full Disclosure: Total newbie with drones. However, have a good IT background.

Downloaded the wrapper from user=microlinux (very nice) and started playing with the SDK.

I'm using QPython3 on an Asus tablet.

I did some no-frills coding just to exercise all the calls in the SDK.

Sometimes the code works without issue and other times it just hangs. Sometimes I'll get a timeout error from the Tello. Other times it just hovers in mid-flight then lands.

Also, sometimes it will hang just before updating the tello class with IP address. For this, I've tried manually entering the IP address, hard-coding the IP address and doing a Python call to 'socket' to get the local IP address. Again ... sometimes it works, other times is just does not respond

In addition to these conditions, will also get syntax errors. This can occur on a no-frills 'print' command

To be clear … I make no mods to the code between runs … just do a dumb re-run.

I'll wait a few, re-run the program and it works very well. Then, wait a few more minutes, run the code and the Tello does nothing.

For now, I'm thinking this is a new product … and a 1.0.0 level SDK. Hearing a new SDK with possible firmware updates is in the near future.

Input appreciated :)
Yeah, I haven't played around with yet with python+Tello, but I plan to. I have very limited experience with Python, and haven't really done regular programming in almost 20 years, but I have heard that they are working on a new SDK, and possibly with access to the camera. Dennis Baldwin at droneblocks.io has done lots of work, and they are focused on education using block-based, drag & drop programming (for other DJI drones too), as well as python for Tello.
Thanks ...

I've seen DroneBlocks and Scratch. Nice products. Only seen short demos so don't really know if they are experiencing these issues or not?

I'll continue to tinker with the code . … I can put together some loops to keep banging at the Tello until getting a reply. Could be it just needs some convincing.

Also reached out to Ryze …

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