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Signal Interference


Nov 18, 2019
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I have been researching this problem, including a long chat with Ryze tech help, and so far have not found much for solving my problem. Has anyone else found a good working solution? Here is the situation:

My flying club has been getting together in a large ballroom at our community building to fly with obstacle gates. We have found that we get bad signal interference, which causes the Tello to just stop responding and hover where it is. There are 2 wifi hotspots in the room, but I have noticed this happening when outdoors as well: when I was flying with my grand daughter, we noticed the same behaviour when we or the Tellos were too close to each other. In the ballroom, we found that whenever 3 or 4 are flying at the same time, no matter how far apart from each other they are, they get signal interference. During the timed runs (for our little contest), we had just one flying at a time, but one of them still stopped dead in the middle of the run when the next pilot started prepping for their run.

Research suggests that the wifi signals from the hotspots are the problem, and the Tello automatically picks a channel based on how busy the channel is. Evidently there is no way to manually set the channel. Some folks, including Ryze tech, have suggested forgetting the building’s wifi, but that will cause problems for the pilots, as they will have to know how to dig that network back up on their phone when they are finished flying. This is a senior group, so I really don’t want to introduce that complication to their lives.

Has anyone here found a viable solution? We have about a dozen pilots, and that number is growing. Thanks in advance for your help!

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