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TALS for iOS has gone.


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May 4, 2018
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Hi, I am a developer of TALS.

I discontinued the TALS application for iOS version(iOS only).
If installed, you can continue to use it unless you delete it.
But,the Android version will continue.

The user is not bad. Ryze tech does not matter (it is true).
I was interfered by someone trying to monopolize TELLO_CMD_SET_ALT_LIMIT (0x58).

TALS's Source code is in Github

This source code is public domain. Please use it freely.
If you wish, you can also make a profit with minimal change.
Please read ReadMe for details.

By the way, I am making an attachment for Tello with a 3D printer. Please use it if you like.
keizi666's Thingiverse Profile

Three months ago, I developed TALS based on various public information. This forum is one of them. I appreciate very much.
Thank you.
I personally think you provided a great expansion tool for the Tello. I use iOS (iPhone 8) and like the fact that Tals expands the horizons for this little drone. I don’t routinely use it and certainly to the max but nice to know and have pics from 50-100 ft. Thank you from all of us who use Tals
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Thank you for all the effort you put into developing TALS for the benefit of us all.

Thank you for TALS and best wishes for your future endeavors!
I agree with all the other comments that have been submitted to you. Thank you and hope to see more from you. Can you please contact me about your 3D printings, thank you.
You don't need Tals now... there's new update now... which include the altitude setting like Tals.. but still thanks to Tals...

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