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Tello doesn't record photo or video


Jun 5, 2018
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Hi, I just received my new Tello. tried a quick test by taking a few photos and some video. When I select play in the Tello app there are no photos or videos recorded. I'm using a Samsung S8. Any suggestions as to what I can try? Is this because I'm in beginner mode? The app seems to show that it recorded a photo and also counts the seconds for the video. I have also checked the gallery on the phone but the media was not recorded.
I received an answer from Tello support to check the permissions on the Tello app. Both permissions for location and storage were already enabled. I uninstalled an reinstalled the app. what I noticed is that the app permissions dialogue (requesting permission) is quickly is quickly replaced by the Tello app loading screen. So I had to quite the app and reload several times in order to give the app access to storage and location. I will test again tonight.

I also did some research online and it seems that quite a number of people with Samsung S8 phones are experiencing the same issue. It seems to be related to this specific phone.
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I have managed to get the photo and video recording to work. The steps I took are:

1) Uninstall Tello app
2) reboot phone
3) reinstall tello app
4) When the tello app starts it ask for permission to access storage then permission to access location. The trouble is that the loading screen of the tello app is so quick that the dialogue to request permission (yes/no) is replaced very quickly with the tello app screen. So if I'm not quick enough it won't let me select "yes" to both questions. This took me 5 or 6 attempts to allow access.

Then it seemed to work. Yesterday I did check whether I had both permissions when using the drone and app (I did) but the recording didn't work. Using steps 1-4 above seemed to fix the problem.
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