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Tello error 203


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Oct 18, 2018
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I've had my Tello for 3 months. I got it after I broke my hip and not able to get outside to fly my mavic pro or spark. I have been flying the Tello around the house and never outside. Crash it a couple of times nothing serious. Today I was flying and went through 2 batteries like I always do. Charged the batteries and I all I get now is error 203. I had old firmware so I updated it to Still no help. Waited several hours for things to cool. Still no help. What do I do next with my new Tello brick? I have read other people have also had this issue. WONDERFUL!!!
Sorry to hear about your hip, ouch, anyways about the tello and error code 203, if it still displays it after it’s cooled down, it’s pooched..
I’ve mentioned about it a couple times on this site. If there is any way you can return it, I would do so. I purchased mine through Amazon and luckily they returned and refunded me for a few of them
Hip is getting better, thanks. After many emails back and forth I received an RAM. Just finished packing it up and printing a shipping label. I did purchase it from an Amazon dealer and that was going to be my next approach to getting it replaced but Ryze customer service came through. From what I have read they are very good and fast at handling repairs/replacements. Time will tell.

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