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Tello stop responding to controls in the air and gets static


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Aug 24, 2018
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North of Spain
Hi to all!

Today I had a problem with while flying the tello in the garage using the T1d and official tello app. I flew for about 4 minutes and suddenly the tello stops responding the controls and gets atopped. I assumend that it was an issue with the contoller and I switch it of to get on-display joysticks. They appear, reponded to touching the screen but have no effect on the tello, as it keeped static on the air. I only was able to take pictures and to use the land/takeof button. I landed and switch it off.

I flew again with the remote without any problem, but again it gets freezed again. In this case I check that I am able to take pintures using the T1d adn also was able to land it using the remote.

Anyone has the same problem? I have the last fim and the last app version. I notice that went it got freezed the tello was in the same zone of the garage, just above a Scotch tape mark fixed on the floor as a reference for parking the car. Could this be the reason?

Thank for you help
But the tello reacts to "take picture" and "landing"... an I am really close to it (about 3 o 4 meters)? I will make some test to check wifi status oan/or "ground position".

Thanks for your help.
Yesterday I also had another issue with the tello. I was flying outdoor and after a few minutes the drone starts drifting to the left side. In that case I was controlling the tello (using official app) via app virtual sticks. The drone does not respond to any command from the sticks and I was not able to land (or try to) as I was flying over a steel frame of the formwork of a paviment that was going to be build. The only solution that I had was to wait until the tello reached some bushes at the side of the contruction. Of course the bushed "stopend" the tello and make it "landing". The tello was not damage, just some green on a propeller.

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