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TelloFpv videos


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Dec 13, 2018
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I will use this post to include a few videos done with or about TelloFpv.

Each is either an example of good quality, or showcases a feature of TelloFpv like the autopilots. Not necessarily both, as some RTH videos have horrible video quality (thats what you get when trying long distance RTH). None of these was made by myself as I don't have a YT channel.
For those about video quality I will try to add settings for all to learn what works and what doesn't work

Note: These videos are publicly available on YT. I never publish any video users send me for review or comment. I do not include references to forum user names even if they are known. If someone wants his forum name associated with a video please let me know and I will add this.

So here we go.
Video quality:
This was an early beta version:


Circle POI:
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I found a used Samsung S4 but it says it has a bad IMEI / ESN. I think it will work to fly my Tello as a bad IMEI / ESN will only prevent me from using the device as phone. Is that correct? (Not familiar with this so I would appreciate some help)

Item description (partial).
[Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Sprint SPH-L520 Android Smartphone 16GB Black Bad IMEI Samsung Galaxy S4 mini SPH-L520 - 16GB - Black Mist (Sprint) Bad IMEI / ESNSOLD AS IS, FOR PARTS ONLY. Phone has been tested and is fully functional however the ESN is bad.]

I only have Apple devices so I want to get to be able to use this great app. Thanks
A bad IMEI is exactly what you are looking for but this is the s4 mini. Its too small to be used in VR goggles. Also it would require a new custom ROM flashed, not sure if you are willing to deal with this.
Look for the normal S4, S4 value, S4 active and what other names it has. Just not the mini
If you see VR FPV in your future look for an S6 to get best resolution
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Thank you volate!lo for your response, but it begs another question if you don’t mind.

I have found an S4 Active also with a bad IMEI. How do I know it will not require a new custom ROM flashed? Or was that only a requirement for the S4 mini?

Sorry, I am a 70 year old guy and have had my Tello for about 8 months. I have never had an Android and most of my friends know less than I do about them so I really appreciate the help. Really hard for me to understand all this new technology, but I am trying. Thanks.
Just ask the vendor if it has the latest firmware from Smasung. That is Android 5+ and should work well.

And if it doesn't give some smart kid in your neighborhood and let them fix it for you for $5
great video,
I am going to try stock tello app & telloFPV with iphone 8 and samsung s9 to see which gives the best video quality.

from early testing, i prefer flying on the iphone 8, it feels alot better to control.
can anyone tell me, is TelloFPV making video less laggy?
Lag of the video stream for FPV? It is about 20% faster than stock app but still not good for racing. No wifi based FPV drone is good for that. But OK for relaxed cruising and a few tricks.

"lag" in recorded videos actually isn't lag but dropped frames. The stock app does that whenever stream corruption occurs. TelloFpv can be configured to include the damaged frames instead, so it shows some artifacts instead of dropping frames.
Overall video quality is better than stock according to most users.

The guy with the RTH video has just released two more videos on POIs. I will add them to the first post.
Folks, please keep this strictly for videos made for/with/about TelloFpv. Thank you!

This is two screen recordings that were just uploaded:

POI lock:

POI Circle:
This one shows the level of detail possible if you can make sure there is no jello (also a boring environment but finally someone who uses the sticks gently):

Also nice, but a bit of jello reducing details:
This one uses sportmode so no image stabilization but the video quality is perfect for a residential area. Also note the distance when landing. Its off by just a few meters after a full flight.
This one uses sportmode so no image stabilization but the video quality is perfect for a residential area. Also note the distance when landing. Its off by just a few meters after a full flight.

the visual feel on 60 fps is very diferent from a raw drone video

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