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The NOT Tello 2


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Jun 3, 2018
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Is it just me being old and grumpy or is anyone else getting annoyed by YouTube getting more and more videos uploaded with titles and content purporting to be about the ‘DJI Ryze Tello 2’ when in fact they are about a cheap Realacc R20 drone (which may or may not be fine in its own right) that people have arbitrarily dubbed the Tello 2.

I’m sure I am not the only one eagerly awaiting the real Tello 2 and it annoys me that people seem to be hijacking the name just to get hits..

Yes, I really am a grumpy old git ?

To make it more specific, the Channel JayDrone is putting out these videos. I told him on Youtube an Facebook that he should change the clickbait title and call it at least Tello clone or ripoff but he is just very immature about it and doesn't see any problem with it. I agree it it very misleading.
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Must say, glad I'm not the only one. I was quite frustrated when I clicked on it only to find it's not what the title promised. Guess all one can do is give it a thumbs down and comment about it... What grinds me even more is when the new mjx bugs 5w came out... Some guys posted supposed footage taken with the bugs 5w (and it looked amazing)... Then when the actual review came out it was completely different (fisheye and very shaky as no stabilization).. I almost pre ordered the thing based on the footage I saw... Happy I didn't...
Yes. I have left a comment on one such click bait title and gave a thumbs down to all of them. Can only suggest others do the same.

The thing is it is a real shame because in general the content of his reviews and posts are not bad.

“It’s my drone and I can call it what I like”
Right, and if I call my Toyota a Mercedes, it’s still a Toyota.
I’ve just flagged his channel as “Not interested” so I don’t have to see him any more.
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I really dislike people who intentionally mislead you so they get views.

I reported his video as ClickBate for using a False Title, and linking it to the Realacc R20 WiFi FPV

You can also do the same, by using the three dots just under his YouTube video, and select REPORT.

If enough people report him:
YouTube will remove his video, and force him to rename it correctly if he re-uploads it.

P.S. A Thumbs down really does nothing as a deterrent.
Omg he has like 182 dislikes (and 152 likes btw) and he says “indeed alot of but hurt people that dont get the video” to me. I didn’t get it and it’s hilarious ?
He also put out a dodgy tut that supposedly geta rid of the video stutter when it is just turning tello off, app off, turn those on again, turn bt off and connect... wtf

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