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Very strange problem with video lag


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Jun 30, 2018
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Today i had very strange problem with my drone and i think my story can be helpful if somebody had similar problem like i did, so i will describe what happened.

Second day after i purschased Tello i also bought Xiaomi mi 2 extender. I flew 5 or 6 with the extender, everytime on the same place in my backyard, and everything was perfect until today. First thing i noticed this morning, and that was kind of strange, was that repeater restarted itself to default settings so i had to connect it again with the drone. After i did that, everything seemed all right so i started to fly with the Tello. But during the take off, i got message saying that imu needs calibration. At this point, i’m not sure if this problem was somehow caused by extender, but nevermind. Anyway, immediatelly after the take off, i noticed huge lag in the tello app. The picture would freeze for a second on every 5-6 seconds, but the commands were responsive despite that lagging issue. I started to think what could have gone wrong. I have no wifi interference in my backyard so i threw away that as a cause at the very beginning. i decided to calibrate the drone first but that wasn’t helpful. I tried to connect phone directly to tello without using extender but the lag was still there. I then restarted wifi settings on tello but still nothing. Then i started to think that maybe the app was the cause of lag so i deleted all data and reinstaled it, but again, that didn’t changed anything. My last try was to restart extender and connect it again with the Tello and BOOM. There was no lag at all! Everything was good again.

I don’t how wifi extender managed to somehow spoil wifi in the drone itself, especially beacuse i tried to connect directly to the drone and lag was still there, but this is what happened to me.
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