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Video lag with Bluetooth controller Gamesir-T1


Apr 24, 2018
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Noticed that the drone video has a lot of lag when Bluetooth controller is enabled.

Hopefully Tello will sort this out on future Firmware updates!

I'm aware that controllers have issues.

Just thought I would share this as it would be nice to warn people before they want to go VR

What happens when you start flying ? is it still very laggy ? Why i am asking is, i use the T1s, and it has almost no lag on the video feed. Are you up to date with all the firmware versions ? To be fair, you will never get video transmission to look like a Mavic or Phantom, not for the price we paid. I come from years of flying RC helicopters and Quad racers, and what we have now, is things we could have never dreamed of then.
Im Aware the video will not be as good as the bigger quads. I have a professional quad and I use it for serious photography. What I’m saying with this smaller drone is the video is very laggy and no good for VR flying which is something I wanted to exeperiment with. Firmware is all up to date on all devices. This to me seems to be a bug. Maybe the t1s or the t1d it seems is ok!
Unfortunately , T1d also is very laggy, I have to down speed to 0.5MB to derease the lag.
Unfortunately , T1d also is very laggy, I have to down speed to 0.5MB to derease the lag.

If you're using IOS devices, you may want to try the Nimbus Controller. Fast connection, not so lag but more expensive. Not for Android device though.

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