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WiFi connections


Apr 24, 2018
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I noticed an anomaly while flying from A WiFi extender, I could connect my phone to the Tello even when the Tello was connected to the WiFi extender.
So I just tried two apple devices at the same time,. Both would show connected to the Tello WiFi. Both would load the Tello app. But only one would connect to control the Tello. Video was not readily available. I could close the app on one device and the other would take over quickly... Weird, but it seems that more than one WiFi can connect to tello at the same time. No question here just observation... If one chooses not to set a password, this would allow someone in the WiFi range of Tello to perhaps really mess with your head.
Interesting. In "command" mode it seems to lock the IP port so that nothing else can take over. But you're saying that once the first connection closed, the second was able to take control over the drone?
yes, only one device had control at a time but both were connected to the Tello wifi at the same time. Same holds true when I use the range extender, blue light indicates a tello connection, yet I can directly connect phone to Tello and can control Tello, I can then immediately change settings to Tello + setting on extender and take over flying there. Again, my fix will be to use a password so that only I can connect. I believe there is the potential for nefarious actions by others on a Tello with no Password.

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