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another Tello Pilot (Android App)


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Apr 8, 2018
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As promised, I tested aTelloPilot v0.7

I centered into MISSION PLANNER new feature. Test performed indoor. It works, but it seemed to me path is a bit erratic. Destination points frecuently missed and needs lot of corrections to achieve mission. It's not clear what velocity used for displacements as speed it's a not progammable item. I hope faster speed used for long displacements. Unfortunatelly I have no enought room for that test. Here some screen captures showing you Mission plans along with it's real life execution.

View attachment 3471

View attachment 3472

View attachment 3473

By the way, I noticed mission coordinates are relative. Imagine a simple mission: From (0,0) start point to (1,0) coodinates. Test start, Tello takeoff, fly far, then you press mission start. You will see Tello flying one meter forward from their actual position, he won't fly to the takeoff point before performing mission. In fact, you can skip setting an start landmark at (0,0) as it's needless.

All the best.
Thanks for your feedback.

The coordinates are relative to current position where the plan is loaded as you see below screen. (Mission position will be relative to the current position)
If you want to start the mission at takeoff position, you need to load mission at the home position.
Or you only need to set the home position and set it to takeoff.

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