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Bent motor shaft (I think)

Tello Fello

Nov 25, 2018
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Hi, I've only had my Tello for about four or five days, but already I have what I beleive to be a bent motor shaft probably happened during one of my many crashes. The copter seems to fly the same without any issues, and looks great, not even a scratch! these things really hold up to abuse pretty well, but when I spin the motors with my finger the left front motor does not spin as freely as the other three. I suppose I could just leave it alone and just keep flying it, however I'm the kind of person that will just keep thinking about it until I have to fix it. I have watched a few vids of people replaceing the motors themselves and it doesn't look to difficult, and I'm not half bad at soldering, the hardest part to me seems like it would be, trying to strip those tiny wires without grabbing some copper strands at the same time. My logic is that if I change out the bad motor now, rather than wait weeks or months, that the motors will all be more equal in their performance. Any suggestions or comments will be much appriciated. So glad I found this forum!!
Mine got a bent shaft after a 10 meters fall. I got it straight with a pair of plyers and it's still flying.

I would wait a little longer to replace a motor. Your Tello is too fresh.
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I suffered a similar issue and solved it lubing motors and re-calibranting. See here Tello lube or not lube
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