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Can Tello videos have audio as well?


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Apr 28, 2018
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Just had my first indoor flight and I managed not to crash it. I took a few photos and videos. There is an indicator when playing a recorded video made with the tello inside the tello app that an audio level can be adjusted up or down but there is no audible volume even at the maximum setting. With the sound of the tello motors being so loud, maybe recording audio doesn't make sense. But the interface seems to allow for an audio track to be heard.

Anyone with a suggestion? While recording the tello video maybe some personal narration on the recording would be a benefit and it would be nice to capture this live.
Maybe it records from the mic on your phone so you can make comments on the flight, like some DJI quads. I would be very surprised if the Tello had a microphone.
Thanks for the replies. I suspected that there is no audio, but the Tello App UI seems to offer the ability to hear audio when viewing a recording, which is confusing.
There was an app that enabled you to use an Xbox controller to fly it, the same app enabled a mic onboard.

It was of little use as the fans are loud and id guess cheap mic, but its there alright.
I guess you mean my app TelloFpv
it uses the phone's microphone. Tello does not carry a mic onboard

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