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DJI Tello + TensorFlow Object Detection

Didnt understand. What it does? What is it for? What is it about? How to use? Usable for Android Phones???
Quite simple. mad scientists like me like that cool stuff.

Just have a look at dotscene.com an extended high scale developed flying mapping drone.

On a very low level you can use Tello in combination with OpenCV, python, etc .... to do very simple scans.
Just to have fun with kids in a computer club to teach them that sience, mainly Physic, Math and Computer Science is not a Rocket Sience. Look the strange discussion around Computer Sicience at German schools today.

I hope to start again a computer club at a school at my home town. So I start now looking for sponsors
to buy a couple of Tello's and Raspberry's.
wow i just noticed that my video ended up here. I created this POC to show image recognition technologies using Tensor Flow and Python. The objective of the project was to detect 3 different signs (handcrafted cardboard symbols) and react. 1 card was to show walls, side walls and obstacles in order to navigate a room. Now that i see more attention in tello development im planning to upgrade this project, from a complicated Python back-end to a more friendly JS, NodeJS environment, hopefully with a simple script to install all dependencies.

have a nice day.

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