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Error code 203


May 5, 2018
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Hi forum, anyone facing an issue with error code 203. I just got the tello 4 days back. Post firmware update am constantly getting error code 203. The weird part is when i cool the battery down from rrom temperature it starts working. Anyone has ideas how to revert to the old firmware. Thanks
Well i finally gave up on this unit. Thumbs up to ryze for the support they are quite responsive. Seems there was an issue with the battery and it wouldnt work. Returned mine. Contemplaring getting another as it sure is fun for flying around the house.
I have the same error 203. Did you resolve yours?
Im on IOS, it flew fine out of the box, then i updated the firmware and couldnt fly anymore from then on. Restarted, reinstalled apps, recalibrated, removed battery, reinserted, nothing works.
Hi error 203 is an issue with the battery i doubt if it can be resolved . I gave mine back as ryze support was taking a long time and it was highly unlikely they would be able to resolve it.
I am so sorry but I cant understand how can u resolve this problem... anyone can explain it?
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Ryze support say to leave battery to cool for 30 minutes
Does this work or do I need to get replacement battery?
After talking again to support it seems that in some cases the update fries the battery and only option is for a warranty replacement
I have the same problem after update,
are there others options than battery replacement ?
Got same problem today

New tello used less than a handful of times

Set it up today and required a update now can't use it all 3 batteries same error
Got same problem today

New tello used less than a handful of times

Set it up today and required a update now can't use it all 3 batteries same error
Same here. After lots of troubleshooting with resetting drone, reinstalling software and firmware end result is to return unit. I can understand reasons for allowing only authorized batteries, but these kind of things can produce angry customers if functionality is not tested properly.
try to hold down the power button of the drone without a battery, then always holding down the button insert the battery.
try to reset by keeping the power button pressed for 10 seconds. with the battery inserted

greetings and merry christmas.
I too have an error 203 on 3 different batteries. All my batteries are OEM. All were working just fine, then after recharging all 3 show error 203. I have tried all the mentioned fixes but no luck. I purchased the unit back in Oct 2018 so I am still under warranty. I have been in contact with Ryze support by email (slow process) but no RMA yet. I did get it via Amazon and may attempt a replacement through them. I was running the original firmware when the error occurred. I downloaded the latest firmware update but still no help.

Has anyone found any other way to repair this error?
I agree it is a brick in its current condition. It is just so much fun to fly around inside the house. I have a Spark a Mavic Pro and 2 Phantom 3's but they are not really good for indoors. I would fly the Tello almost every day. I did put the prop guards on the Spark yesterday and flew it in the house but it is very noisy compared to the Tello. I hope I can get a warranty repair or replacement. soon

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