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Firmware for Expansion board


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Jul 14, 2023
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Hello Everyone,
I am training some students for a competition using Tello Tallent drones and I discovered a problem with their expansion kits. They can connect via wifi and can be used to control the flight of the drones, but all commands to the board's display, top LED and the TOF (Distance) sensors are ignored and does not work (They are currently limited by their school to using iPads running the Tello Edu app). Some investigation later, one of the students told me that their previous trainer used Adruino IDE to upload codes to control the drones in a swarm last year and also "updated" the expansion boards. Now, the firmware version cannot be read by DJI Education Hub software, and also cannot be updated. One of the expansion boards was not "updated" and could run as expected, with the DJI education hub being able to read the firmware version.
So my question are:
Is there any way to roll back the firmware of the expansion board? I chatted with DJI tech support, they said the only way to update firmware is via the Education Hub and said that I should send the boards back for further investigation (which I interpret as "I don't know, so just send it to us and pray the actual techs can figure it out.")
Since there's one working board, is it possible to copy/duplicate its firmware and write into the other boards?
Or is it just a simple matter of removing whatever codes in the boards' memory that's preventing it from running the default commands, because some of the boards still contain the previous codes and tries to control the drones when the programmable button is pressed.
Thank you and sorry for the long, meandering post.
After fiddling around, I've solved this, so I'm just going to post it here for everyone's benefit (including mine).
I got confused with the meaning of "firmware", in this case, the "firmware" just means whatever code that has been uploaded into the expansion board.
My usual understanding of "firmware" is a separate, and usually non-programmable, set of codes within the hardware (for example, the BIOS of computers).
So the fix was to use Arduino IDE and upload a set of codes labeled as "default" from the robomaster library (available on github GitHub - RoboMaster/RMTT_Libs: RoboMaster TelloTalent Arduino Support Package). The other thing that's needed is the hardware. I can't find where I downloaded it from, so I'll post it when I find it again.
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