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Getting incomplete images from Tello. Solution?


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Aug 3, 2018
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I've been trying to get the Tello to take an image and save it to my laptop. At the moment, I'm only getting back the first 10% (roughly) of the image data. After this, a few of the image data packets build successfully but they're in the wrong place. Here's an example:


I'm using a python script which receives the file packet data from the Tello and acknolwedges each packet. For some reason after getting through the first ~68 packets without an issue it then misses most of the rest of the data packets. Has anyone else had a similar issue before?
Hi, yes I actually managed to get it working today. Interestingly, it started working when I removed the code sending the acknowledgment after each piece of the file is received. Perhaps the documentation on the site-wiki isn't completely correct.

I'll share the python code when I get back to work on Monday. Its just an extension of the pyTello library, but the way I've done it is a bit of a hack I guess. Basically, ignores the duplicate file chunks then re-orders them. Still, it works so I can't complain.

Are you using a Samsung phone? I think this sort of issue can normally be resolved by viewing the images in a different gallery app. It's unlikely to be the same issue I had as the official Tello app is designed by the Tello engineers so receiving the image data shouldn't be an issue. It's more likely to be an issue with displaying the data.
Just got my Tello today, same issue. Video is fine, but images that were taken look fine in the Tello app but as soon as I view them in the Gallery they look just like the one you shared.

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