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Hawk Attack!!!


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Mar 19, 2018
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Out in the sticks yesterdays. Had been waiting for less wind. I finally got my gamesir hand held controller. I tried a new app extending the altitude.
I found a place near some woods... Used the app and took it up to 30 metres (about 100 feet). Very cool. Then I flew into little-ish glen -
valley. Suddenly a very large hawk appeared and attacked my little Tello!!! It was maybe 60 metres away...and at first I could not tell what happened to the Tello. As in did it carry it away...? As I was rushing to the scene of the crime I looked at my phone display. I could see what the camera was seeing. (the hawk had dropped it). It seemed to be a live feed. This little glen had a path but a lot of under or overgrowth. I knew about where it happened. But the foliage was well over my head. I quickly tried to figure out what to do. It would be dark in about 20 -30 minutes... I thought I could rush back (not too near) , and get my Mavic and look for it that way,,, but that would take time. I delved into the foliage ..not too nice. A great place for snakes, esp. that time of day...that for sure are there. I used the live feed to close in on the general angle. I could see that the cloud formation was similar...and the shape of a hill to the south. Then I reckoned that it was above...and there was a leaf in view so I figured I should start shaking branches... in different directions. This did the trick! I went from cold to warmer to colder to warmer to very warm...Being able to see that live view was key! Finally I knew I was red hot and looked up and bended a branch down and there it was. Phew. No visible damage. In fact I flew it back towards the road... Not something I want to repeat but fascinating! I have heard stories of bird attacks on drones before. Often seagulls. I have seen these big hawks be interested in different drones before... mostly just checking them out. I am thinking the size of the Tello and most likely I was near the hawk's nest, because of where it came from, deep within woods and so quickly.

Lesson learned!


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Wow, good to hear that you were able to recover your little bird.
BTW, the Netherlands are using specially trained birds of prey to intercept drones over power plants...
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thanks. I had heard of training birds of prey to snatch drones. that sounds like a good use actually.

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