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Headlight for Tello


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Jun 3, 2018
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Hi all,
First post here since I have just joined this forum and I have only had my Tello a couple of days. It is awesome!
I find it very useful to have a bright led light on the front of the drones I fly as an aid to orientation when flying at a distance.

Does anyone have any ideas for a suitably BRIGHT, small and light led flashlight that I could attach to the upper body shell ?

Or has anyone implemented any other orientation aids?

Thanks in advance

Hey Netratz
Thanks for the reply. That was bigger than I want but I liked the suction cup idea.

Thanks again
Hey all,
Well further to my enquiry about a headlight for the Tello, I have come up with my own solution.

Here are some picturesA8CC64A1-2EF3-445C-980F-992A7019302E.jpeg




The torch/flashlight is a Nicron 0.25W keychain (with chain removed) which is readily available on eBay for a few bucks. It is turned on and off by swivelling the front silver bezel and is very bright.

Right now I have it bluetacked onto the cover but I have ordered one of those Lego body clips. The four Lego connector ‘pegs’ will support the torch in a very stable manner while the clip will allow for easy removal for changing the batteries (4 x small button type).

The whole thing weighs about 6 grams with batteries and it helps with orientation of the drone when it is flying at a distance.

Hope this was useful or interesting.

All the best,

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Haha interesting idea but if I am honest I am not looking for a flashing disco on top of my Tello ??. I’ll stick with the idea I illustrated above but many thanks for your suggestion
Hi! Bin neu hier und sehr gespannt...! War auch ein wenig kreativ, da ich auch mal gerne nachts meine Runden drehen..


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Just by way of a small update on this topic I thought I’d share a short video.

Although I am still waiting for my Lego adapter to arrive ?, I attached the little led torch using Blue Tack. It works fine but when it arrives I will switch to the Lego solution.

Anyway, here is the link to the video

Tello headlight in action

I can imagine flying it in the evenings and looking really cool! I'd attach it, but my mini camera has arrived and I'm intending to add it to my tello.
Thanks cap square pants,

Get the Lego adapter, then get a few 2x2 Lego blocks off ebay
Attach a Lego block to your camera / flashlight / whatever you want and then you can swap them over as you desire.
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Brilliant, I have ordered the adapter, and "borrowed" my sons flat lego block. I shall await for its arrival.
So, the final update. My Lego adapter for the tello just arrived today, 1 1/2 months after I purchased it (don’t get me started ?). It fits very well on the tello ?

The little flashlight is affixed to the 2x2lego brick using contact adhesive
And here it is on my tello
Happy flying



  • AEEF8E6D-9D58-44C8-A97E-1BDBFC60221D.jpeg
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So, the final update. My Lego adapter for the tello just arrived today, 1 1/2 months after I purchased it (don’t get me started ?). It fits very well on the tello ?
View attachment 813

View attachment 814
The little flashlight is affixed to the 2x2lego brick using contact adhesive
View attachment 815
And here it is on my tello
View attachment 817
Happy flying

Doesn't it prevent your Tello to go high in the sky (30m maxi with TALS)?
Because it looks and fits well with Tello!!!
Thank you,
While I have never actually tried taking it up to 30m I don’t see any real reason for it to be a problem. The flashlight is very light and the tello lifts it easily.

If you want to try it then just do it carefully and if you do think there are problems then bring it straight down.

I don't have a Tello yet, but is it possible to change the Green indicator LED on the front to a bright white one assuming that Green LED is on all time the when the Tello is powered on of course ?

I have no idea about electronics by the way, just an idea :sneaky:

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