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Is it normal to feel guilty for not flying the little guy...


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Jul 4, 2019
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Well, I did.... I have all my drones in a glassed. curio cabinet. All the drones look as if they were on display. I have them all out now but as soon as I put them all back in I will take some cool pictures and post them. Ok...back to the little guy ( the Tello) I would reach into the curio and take out the M2Z or the Autel Evo and by pass the Tello.... then at the end of the session put everything back and arrange them. The Tello sits on a box nicely displayed. I wonder when I reach into the curio does the Tello yell out TAKE ME, TAKE ME Today. Well, I decided to take more interest with the Tello. I joined the forum, I charged up all the batteries, the controller, the power bank...and flew the little guy, he was happy because he flew happy... up ,down, sideways, forward fast, slow.... then the batteries were all drained.... I put the little guy back into the curio...I made his day.....:) oh, also I have the Mavic Air, Spark, Falcore and the Crystal Sky RC setup for the Mavic 2 Zoom and the RC's for the others on display...
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