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Malfunctioning Motors


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Jul 15, 2018
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So I was flying my week-old Tello drone, very carefully, inside our house on a bit rate experiment, and, while I slowed down for another trip across the room, it bumped into the wall at about 1cm/second. The crash detector activated and shut down the motors, and thus the drone fell about one metre. This has happened to me several times so I wasn't that concerned, so I picked it up, placed it in the middle of the room, and attempted a takeoff. It immediately powered full-force into the roof, which was about 3 metres up, and fell to the ground, disodging the battery in the process. I tried again and it vibrated loudly, took off, and subsequently dropped again. I tried many things including restarting my tablet and checking the motors. Nothing seems to be out of shape however the problem remains. Has anyone experienced and/or fixed this problem?

Thanks in advance.
Sounds like you have damaged one of the motors (I had a similar problem - I held the Tello and activated
Launch and could see which motor was vibrating badly)... you will need to replace that motor.... this guy has a good video of the process... took me only 20 minutes to do (if you don’t count the 2weeks I had to wait for the motors to arrive)... buy s ent of 4 on eBay...


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