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More Powerful Motors!?

I have replaced motors on a few cheap brushed quads. I also used motors from the shop you linked. I was impressed by the power these motors offered but unimpressed to see their lifetime is just about the same as the cheap ones.
Also keep in mind that you can't modify the parameters for motor control. Handling will certainly not improve when adding motors that don't match the characteristic expected by the flight controller.

That said I have never seen motors as robust as the Tello ones.I don't keep records but I am sure my Tellos have more flight time than my other brushless quads combined.
And I only have one motor that starts to show signs of trouble and even that I think was due to being stuffed to tight into a bag.

Given the price of these motors I'd buy an almost new Tello on Amazon warehouse or some other returned items dealer. I pay around 60 Euro for a shop returned Tello here on Ebay. So far each of these was like new, a few scratches but nothing that my quads don't get in their first hour
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