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My phone continues to disconnect from tello wifi


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Jul 31, 2018
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So I have the Tello and everything is working awesome, I love the drone so far my only issue is that as I am flying the Tello, my phone will periodically disconnect from the drone's Wi-Fi connection and it connects to my home Wi-Fi and then I have to go into my phones Wi-Fi and reconnect to the Tello Wi-Fi. I'm not sure if there is a bug with the app, or if its just my phone. I would greatly appreciate any tips or suggestions on how to resolve this. Also fyi my phone is an android, it is the ZTE Blade X max.
Hi Derek
It could be your phone I had a blade v7 that i got rid of after a few months as it constantly disconnected wi fi networks and connected to Bt openzone instead of my own router .It was a common software issue and drove me mad. I fly my tello on both andriod ( galaxy tab s2) and ios ( Iphone 6s plus) without any issues,but ios is better for me. If you have an old phone try that first
Hope this helps and you eventually resolve it so you can really enjoy your tello
I am having the same problem with the wifi dropping off. I am trying to fly inside and the drone disconnects from wifi while less than 7 feet from my iphone 7 plus. I have tried forgetting the wifi network, rebooting everything

Very frustrating. E1E9B5D3-990B-4402-A631-C6764A79C3D6.jpeg

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