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Remotely Powering On Mod


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Jan 29, 2020
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I am working on a project where I will need to power on my Tello remotely (without touching it). Am currently thinking of replacing the power button with an IR switch, does anyone have an idea if this is feasible? Or a better idea for remotely turning it on?
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May 6, 2020
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Probably going to need to know a few more things before anyone can really answer this in a meaningful way. "working on a project" is so vague that everything is feasible. if you dont have any requirements that rule out all the simple or stupid solutions there are hundreds of smart or totally rube goldberg ways to toggle a power button. what is the project? what are you trying to do? if you are building or modifying something you likely already have something going on that could be piggybacked onto for additional capability.

1. exactly how remote does it need to be? wifi range? cellular range? satellite range? and does the wake method need to all be self contained in the drone and powered from the drones battery?

like will this be sitting in a jungle by itself turned off with no civilization around, or will it be sitting near a wireless wifi basestation or charger where you could potentially have an externally powered micro-controller like an Arduino or ARM chip wake it up allowing you to remote control it?

2. when its time for it to be turned on what is your own relative location and method of deciding you want it to power on?

are you just in another room and randomly decide that you want to turn it on and fly it yourself? or would it be more like its scheduled to pull itself out of sleep and then follow a scripted set of commands like fly in a loop recording then land? when you decide it needs to be on will you be ready with phone in hand to control it the moment it wakes?

3. what are you looking to add to the drone equipment wise?

does the solution needs to be entirely outside an unmodified drone like a stupid simple motor just pressing the power button. or are you already adding additional micro-controller gear to the drone that could potentially have a spare unused digital output that could pull the power pin itself?

4. what happens afterwards? will you presumeably have it come to you and then thats it or does it need to also turn itself off without any human interaction and return to a sleep state until its activated again?

as I said without more info your solutions still vary from Carrot Top prop to Tony Stark gadget.

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