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Reset Your Firmware


Aug 17, 2018
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i thought this might help.

Recently i had an issue with my drone, it overheat often so i get in touch with the tech support of DJI the tech suggested me to Reset my Firmware.

She guided me with this 3 easy step.

Reset your firmware by:

1. Press and hold the power button until the LED indicator turns into steady RED color.
2. Open the tello app and connect your drone.
3. Go to system update and update your done to the latest firmware.

If it is still overheating this might be a problem with the unit.
So i am having another issue. My drone isn't turning on properly. I push power button it signals green than red and then all colors. After this it shuts down without any way of connecting.
After this procedure, does Tello stay cooler?

It would take a ryze technician on the forum to help us with any problems with tello's software!
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So something interesting happened. Yesterday I was kind of accepting it was broken and I should contact support. I had charged it a couple of times but it just didn't power on when unplugged. So I left it, I had different things to do. Now today I thought new day fresh start. I again charged it this time for half an hour just to see if any life was in it. And it just worked. Hopefully it stays with me.
I was so worried even though it isn't such a high value, just the thought of something breaking down is always so bad.
Thanks for your reply anyway!
Sounds like the battery was depleted. The question is why?
Either the battery seems to have problems or your charging circuit. Maybe get these cheap external USB charge cables that connect straight to the battery. I have one and it works very well (except my larger "smart" power bank doesn't like it, my smaller dumb ones work well)

Anyway if you keep having trouble just get a replacement. Not your problem.
I agree with volatello. It sounds like a charger or cable issue. Get a good charger and some extra batteries. You will be good to go.
hi there, i had the same problem and i came up with the solution. The real problem is the app, to update the firmware you need to install the tello app v1.1.1 (you can find it online) and a charge battery.
Without the battery press and hold the power buttom and conect the charger, keep holdin the power buttom and insert the battery, when the green led turn off release the power buttom. It will turn a pulsing red light, connect the tello to your device and procede to install the firmware from the app.
this work for me and i hope works for you.
sorry about my inglish i´m from argentina

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