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Sand in the motors


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Apr 20, 2018
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Hi all, my tello got submerged by sand and now the engines run with difficulty and one is completely blocked. I sprayed a bit of WD40 but did not solve the situation. How can I clean the engines from the sand?
Please advice.
Thank you
Honestly, I beleive it's easier to replace the motors, than to take the sand out.
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Sand can be magnetic and attracted the magnets in the motors. WD-40 will turn the sand into muddy mess. I would find something to break down the WD-40 then let it dry. Then use an air compressor to blow the sand out. I repaired several motors for a guy that crashed into sand and it worked well.
Thanks! Where shall I blow the air exactly?

I am not really sure, I have never worked on the tello motors but there is some holes in the top for cooling. First remove the props. I would try to cut the WD-40 using a light solvent, perhaps IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol). Any other solvent may discolor or deform the tello so be careful. Force the solvent into one of the cooling holes using a hypodermic syringe Hang the tello up side down to allow the solvent to drip out. Do this several times then attempt to blow air using a needle tip into one of the holes in the top of the motor. If that does not work you can disassemble the motor and remove the stator clean everything up then reassemble the motor. But if you are going to go that far it might be easier to simply replace all the motors. The motor are available on Amazon and eBay. A set of 4 motors cost less than $10.00 USD.

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