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Jun 16, 2018
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1. Is anyone here using the TALS app from either iOS or Android
2. If so, are you using it in conjunction with the Range Extender or by itself?

For those who might not know of the Tals app it solely increases the height of the Tello
up to a range you set. Recommended 20 meters but can go higher.

I have downloaded but not installed as I would like some feedback. No reviews yet in App Store of iOS
I use it on my Android phone. Very simple and, and worked great for me. And, yes, I do use the Xiaomi extender. I flew on a day with very little wind, so I took it all the way up to 30m. I watched the video below before I used it.
I have taken my Tello to 20 m height right above my position without using wifi extender. It works ok, but video is a bit choppy. Therefore I am reluctant to fly too far away until my Xiamo wifi extender arrives. I am using an iPhone 7 plus and gamesir controller.

I used the Android version of TALS to set my Tello to 30 m. App works perfect. However, Tello VPS performance is marginal at 30m.
I'm not using any range extender with my setup (Samsung S3, Gamesir T1s connected via OTG, aTello app). Maximum distance reached was about 100 m away and 30 m high in an environment with no other wifi sources present.
WOWEE- Very nice. Again good footage for $99 Drone.
Yep. TALS, xaomi extender here.

I can get over 100m without losing range, and barely get any frame drops if i remember to turn off mobile data

Which phone are you using? Are you powering the Xiamo directly from the phone?

Samsung galaxy s8, there's a usb-c to regular usb adapter in the box, the extender plugs direct into that.

Doesnt seem to affect the battery life at all

That is indeed convenient. I am however not sure if I can do the same with my iPhone. I have not been able to find a similar adapter, i.e. Lightning to female USB.
Something worth noting, it can go up nicely to like 25-30m and then wind gets it and it starts to adjust to it by turning 45 degrees against the wind, now at this point it loses contact with the ground, because the sensors look directly down and the distance is now much longer because of 45 degree angle.

had this happen to me, wind basically took it and i kept pressing down throthle and forward button, i was lucky because i had the drone pointed at me when this happened, i have no idea if i would have ever found it otherwise.

I completely lost sight of it during this, and just trusted that it was still getting directions, the screen was not updating for a long time, just held on to the fly forward and it eventually came.

(if it had been low on battery when this happened it would have probably been lost)
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Yeah, I joined a local AMA club, and I'm really looking forward to testing the range of the Tello at their field out in a rural area. I've tested it in my local park, but there is still a good amount of wifi interference from the nearby houses. Even with my repeater, it's still a bit of an issue. I have noticed that the signal is stronger when Tello is facing the phone/controller. The antenna must be toward the front of the drone.
Quick question, do you have to set this only once with the app, or every time you insert a new battery?
I've only had to set the new altitude limit once, and I've been able to get up to 30m every time since then. I wish I could say the same for picture quality and bitrate. It's annoying to have to keep setting the picture quality to high and increase the video bitrate every time I open the app or connect my Tello.
Does anyone here who have used the TALs app noticed that the sensor at the bottom of the Tello doesn't lit anymore after adjusting the max height above 10m?

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